The Stress of Submitting Becomes a Waiting Game

The Stress of Submitting Becomes a Waiting Game

Ask any senior at the Out-of-Door Academy how they feel about the college application process and almost every response will be the same: they’ve been under more stress during this process than they’ve been under throughout their entire high school career. Now it’s almost over, and it is about to become a long stretch of waiting.

All 60 seniors began this long process at the end of junior year, when the college counselors asked them for the first drafts of their Common Application essays. At first, they felt relieved and accomplished to turn in that essay, thinking a large chunk of the process was out of the way. Little did they know all the work that would continue to come afterward.

Most students have either had to write at least three drafts of their original Common App essay, or have been asked to completely change their topic and start over again. The rewriting was a grueling process that came with frustration and required huge amounts of focus to get the job done correctly. Now that the essays are finished and have been checked off by each counselor, it is clear that Mr. Harding and Mr. Runge knew what they were doing when they kept asking for changes, even if it didn’t seem like it at the time.

Then there were the supplements.

These are extra essays that some specific schools require, aside from the Common App essay. Students had anywhere from 0 to 15 supplement essays to complete, which, as you can imagine, became another even larger source of stress.

Students were required to finish by whatever deadline they were placed in, whether it was the first (early September), second (late September), or third (mid October). These, too, had to be reviewed by the counselor and edited by the student. Of course, each senior had to take the time to fill out the tenuous Common App questions as well. Only then were they allowed to set up an appointment with their counselor, review one last time, and submit their applications.

At this point, almost every student has submitted at least the first few of their applications, and should be finishing the rest within the next week or so. The relief is nearly indescribable.

“It’s surreal. It really hasn’t even hit me yet,” says Senior Lisa Hoffman, who is completely finished with her submissions.

Olivia White, also a senior, agrees: “Upholding our grades first semester while working on the whole college application process was really difficult. I’m glad its over.”

White is also prepared to handle the waiting game, which is the next step in the process.

“As for waiting, I’m going to try to find the school that I really fall in love with and apply Early Decision to eliminate some of the stress.”

Many students, like White, also plan to go Early Decision, which is a binding option to apply early to your #1 school, and increases your chances of acceptance at that school.

We have entered the period of anxiety and nerves. The next few months hold endless possibilities for students’ futures. The feeling is similar to that of waiting to get a test grade back, after knowing you have done everything you could to do your best. We’ve given it our all, and all we can do is support each other and wait for the results.

Good luck, Seniors!