High School Comes to an End


By the end of high school, we have mastered the Pythagorean Theorem, read Huckleberry Finn, mapped the stages of WW II, learned how to say “how are you” in different languages, and calculated force through mass and acceleration. We learn many things in high school, but, apart from the stresses of each test and the hours spent doing homework, what we’ll remember most is who helped us along the way.

At Out-of-Door, no one is afraid to ask for help because we always know there will be someone there for us when we need it. Whether it’s a teacher or a student, these special people make sure we get through any problem we are facing. At ODA, academics bring us together, and many friendships are formed through the blood, sweat, and tears of high school; countless times, we frantically call up a group of friends to study for test because we can’t do it alone. ODA has become a second family to us.

However, as May 31 rapidly approaches, the seniors’ time at ODA is coming to an end. Even though we will soon be headed in different directions and beginning the next chapter of our lives, we will never undervalue or forget our wonderful years at ODA. The bonds we have formed are unbreakable, and in the end, the friends and memories that we have made are what we are going to miss most when we leave ODA.