Spirit Day Sends Students into Spring Break Smiling

The week before spring break is always an exciting week at ODA.

Every last day before spring break all ODA students compete in what is known as Spirit Day. The event is split up amongst two teams. Each grade is divided into either blue or white teams. For the past five years, the white team has completely dominated Spirit Day.

Most of the talk on campus before spring break is about Spirit Day, and the games of the day. Every year there seems to be changes added to the list of games.

Junior, Nick Grano said, “Spirit Day is one of the best school events at ODA! The camaraderie and intensity of the games, is what makes every year such a remarkable experience.”

Spirit Day Games: Blue Team Sweeps a Victory”

— Spirit Day 2014

“I liked Egg Toss best,” reflects Junior Natalie Buffet. “I won!”

This year Blue Team won with a sweep of all events. “I was really surprised that we won, but for the junior class, I think we just played a lot better than in years past.”

During Spirit Day winning is not necessarily about who the all stars are, it’s about the team’s morale as a whole, reflect juniors Kimmy Comito and Sarah Karp.