ODA Gets Jazzy Under the Stars

For those in the ODA Jazz Band, waking up for 7:00 a.m. band class every Wednesday morning is no choice. Despite waking up earlier than normal and getting to ODA less than half asleep, the Jazz Band makes it happen. There’s no actual Jazz Band class at ODA, so whatever can not be worked out during regular class, has to be rehearsed early in the morning. Every Wednesday morning, the Jazz Band has been practicing for their end of the year performance, Jazz Under the Stars, which appeared Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m.

Other than showcasing the Jazz Band, the concert was also a time to celebrate its seniors. Seniors Colby Elliot, RJ Jansen, Josh Simon, Andrew Romano, Sarah Gregory, Jonathan Furman, David Grain, and Caroline Whitten were all featured.

Josh Simon, although an baritone saxophone player, sang  “The Girl From Ipanema,” a Brazilian jazz hit from the 1960s.

Colby Elliot played the piano for each of the pieces played that night, and no one could have done a more fantastic job.

“Colby is one of my closest friends, it was so nice to see him play,” Maria Massaro ’14 said.

Andrew Romano, a saxophone player, had multiple solos during the night and made an impression on many in the audience.

Adil Shariff ’14 said, “Andrew was amazing. He’s such a talented musician.”

At the end of the night, Mr. Miller congratulated the band on a job well done and thanked the seniors for their many years devoted to jazz. Due to late summer nights, the stars didn’t show up until the very end. Despite this, many showed up for the concert with their blankets and lawn chairs on the quad. It was a relaxing night, with perfect weather and beautiful jazz music.