Students Question Spirit Week Decisions

Students Question Spirit Week Decisions

Dressing up like the twins from the Rugrats while learning about graphing parabolas in Algebra 2,wearing your sock monkey pajamas to photography class, and pretending to be batman while learning about World War II in history are just a few examples of what makes Spirit Week so exciting.

Every year, there are two Spirit Weeks during the school year. The first one takes place during the week Homecoming to get students riled up for the Homecoming assembly, the football game, and the dance on Saturday night. The second Spirit Week takes place during the week leading up to Spirit Day in the spring.

However, this year there were only three dress up days leading up to the Homecoming Dance, and so far, none have been announced for the week before Spirit Day. The student body seems to be upset about this change, but no one seems to have a solid idea as to why there aren’t as many dress up days this year.

Student body President Katie Lang (’15) told the bolt that “It was just a busy time and it kinda flew over everybody’s heads also we had a few dress down days throughout the year.”

Junior Joie Eckhard said, “I’m angry because I think it gets people pumped up for Spirit Day.”

Junior Mark Sulimirski commented on not being bale to dress up saying, “I really don’t like it.” Sulimirski elaborated by saying, “because it’s Spirit Day, we have to go all out before Spring break.”

When asked if she was mad about not having a spirit week, senior Claire Cornetet said, “Yes, it’s breaking tradition. Tradition is key to a great school.”

Lang (’15) assured the student body by saying, “next year there will for sure be a dress down day for hc week and spirit week.”

Clearly the student body is upset by the fact that we were unable to dress up this week. Although it may have put a damper on the week, it will not affect the blue vs. white rivalry this Friday on the Uihlein campus.