Will You Go to Prom With Me?


As prom season approaches, the promposals begin! Have you ever dreamed of walking into your house to an aisle formed by roses leading to your room? You open the bedroom door and standing there is your beloved with a dozen roses and sign saying “prom?”  The day has come that simply asking “will you go to prom with me?” is considered underdone. A few upperclassmen have started the trend of elaborate promposals.

Angus Martin, a junior, asked Jenna Bloch, also a junior, in a very unique way. He created a 250-piece jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle had a picture of them both, and of course the words, “will you go to prom with me?”

Nick Grano, a junior, put the extra effort in to asking Savannah Jones. Nick knew that he had plans to watch the sunset with Savannah, so he decided it was a perfect time to make his elaborate promposal. He arrived at the beach a couple hours early with four glass message bottles, and three personalized messages resembling a scavenger hunt. Later, while walking on the beach Savannah was surpassed to find these messages hidden along the way, with the final message saying “Savannah Jones, will you go to prom with me? love, Nick.” The Final empty glass jar was used to catch fireflies while the sun went down.

Katie Lang was surprised over the weekend with a promposal from Tre Gregory. While Katie was at a friend’s house, Tre snuck over to decorate her car with an array of Post-it Notes. He covered all of the windows, the mirrors, and the windshield said, “PROM?”. When Katie walked out to see Tre’s artwork, he was standing at her car with a dozen red roses.

While warming up for her Lacrosse game, Kimmy Comito had no idea she would be asked to Prom. A student from Cardinal Mooney High School, Tommy Vassallo, who also plays lacrosse, showed up to her game. He threw her a lacrosse ball. After she caught it, she realized the ball said, “Prom?”  What a clever way to incorporate the sport she loves into the perfect promposal!

Prom is just three weeks away. There are sure to be many more promposals in the near future!