Honors/AP Testing Tests Students

Honors/AP Testing Tests Students

You may have noticed an unusual amount of testing going on this week? Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything if you haven’t taken a lot of tests.

This week, students have been taking entrance exams to help teachers determine if they will be accepted into any honors/AP classes. The test times range from a half hour to an hour, and vary based on which class the student is applying for. Students’ scores on the test, how complete the student application is, and the teacher’s recommendation will help each department choose who they think will be a good fit for the class.

Each department has their own way of assessing elibility. The English Department has many essays to grade.

“AP testing is a chance for students to show what they really know.  To grade the essays in the Literature department, every essay has a number. Each essay will be graded by two teachers, before receiving a final number grade,” says Mrs. Armor, World Literature teacher.

For the Math Department, the grading process is more about if the math problems were right or wrong.

This year the Science Department has come up with a completely new system for students applying to any honors/AP. Basically, any student can apply. Students don’t need a recommendation or a certain grade. Once you fill out your application, you must take a test to evaluate your skills.

The History Department is changing things up as well. For the next school year, Sophomores will be able to take AP US History along with the juniors. It is mandatory for sophomores to take some form of US History, while freshman do not have to take a certain history.

“The AP test made no sense, ” says Izzy Eichenbam, as she apples for AP history.

“I took the AP US history and AP Language and Composition. I thought it was pretty challenging, but at the same time manageable.” says Vaughn Garcia.

If you have already taken your AP/Honors test, and you don’t think you did well, there is no need to fear, because teachers will consider that you had little to no preparation time and also your application.

Ultimately, trust that teachers have your best interest. Go off and have a relaxing weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be no tests next week.