Tuesday December 3 Assembly Announcements

Student Life

  • This Friday is the colors dress down day. seniors wear pink, juniors wear blue, sophomores wear orange, and freshman wear green.
  • Dr. Zitani and Mr. Lebras are still accepting applications for the Italy trip in April.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get your community service hours in! See Mr. Miller for upcoming opportunities to complete your hours.
  • The Aids Walk is this Saturday. Go online and join ODA’s team! If you can not make it to this event, Ms. Frye will be taking donations this week.
  • Students can now register for their second semester classes. Look our for an email from the bolt with a description of all of the elective courses available. The registrations are due next week.
  • Turkey bowl results are in! Brains winners: Ms. Barrett (seniors), Mr. Lemieux (juniors), Dr. Zitani (sophomores), and Ms. Walsh (freshman). Brawn: Mr. Shamp (seniors), Mr. Seldis (juniors), Ms. Beeman (sophomores), and Ms. Murphy (freshman).


  • Team photos are being taken for all winter sports tomorrow.
  • Girls varsity basketball has a game this week, and boys varsity basketball has two games this week, today and Thursday.
  • Girls varsity soccer has a an away game today at 5:00pm at Sarasota Christian.


  • This Saturday at 2:00pm is the middle and upper school band concert.
  • The cast of Exhibit This! is having a meeting today after school in the Black Box.
  • Rehearsals for the spring musical begin tomorrow after school.