Convocation: Need to Know

Convocation: Need to Know

Convocation is this Friday, so everyone get excited! Just a few things you should know, and answers to questions you may have:

What should I wear?

  • ALL ODA students, Upper and Lower school, must wear ODA navy blue polo shirt.

What is the schedule for the morning?

  • Safety Patrol will be on the Upper campus helping the Lower School students get to where they need to be. After placing all belongings in the Library, Safety Patrol is to report to Ms. Evans.
  • Middle School, report to your advisors in the Commons for attendance in the morning.
  • Freshman, report to your advisors in room 902 (Band Room), Sophomores, report to your advisors in room 923 (Chorus Room), Juniors, report to your advisors in room 1003, and Seniors, report to your advisors in the Black Box Theater
  • The ceremony will begin promptly at 8:30, so Kindergarden and Senior parents, make sure to get there early and get a good seat.
  • After the program, all students will assemble on the quad for the all school photograph.
  • Following the photograph, there will be refreshment tables set up around the school.

What are all the orange papers for at the event?

  • On Friday, ODA will also be holding a canned food drive, so remember to bring in cans. The orange papers around campus are in honor of Hunger Awareness. When we take the all school photograph, in one of the pictures, everyone will hold a piece of orange paper above their heads to recognize Hunger Awareness.

What will happen after Convocation is over?

  • Middle and High School classes will resume directly following refreshments, and the Lower school busses will be departing for Siesta Key around 10:00-10:15.