Invisible Children’s Fourth Estate Leadership Summit

Kelli Bagwell, Staff Writer

The Invisible Children Club has recently been inspired by an opportunity this summer for young activists. The international organization, based out of Los Angeles, California, is hosting its second summit, a conference designed to inspire leadership among high school and college-aged students. At Friday’s assembly, club members presented a commercial for the summit which left many upper schoolers intrigued about the opportunity.

The Fourth Estate Leadership Summit presented by Invisible Children will be held from August 8-11, at the University of California in LA. Students must submit an application that includes several short essays asking such intriguing questions as “If you won the Nobel Prize for the capture of Ugandan war lord Joseph Kony, what five words would you say?” Invisible Children will be making decisions about applications immediately.

The cost for the summit, just under $500, includes four days of room and board, a full schedule of speakers, and materials. If accepted, Invisible Children will help you set up your own fundraising page to collect money to go.

Interested? APPLY IMMEDIATELY at the Invisible Children website.

If students have any other questions, they should speak to Ms. Giraud or Invisible  Children Club President, Morgan Woods.