Senior Ariana Losch Reflects on Painting after the Awards

Amanda Navarro, Staff Writer

Ariana Losch ’13, the celebrated and published winner of the Head’s Choice and the Southern Teachers Award recalls when she started painting in eighth grade. From then on, she developed a passion for painting and even took classes in Ringling College of Art and Design.

Ariana’s painting of the liberty bell won two prominent awards, which she values. She states how “[the awards] make me feel as though I can accomplish more with painting. [The awards] show how I can keep improving with painting.” Although Ariana’s talent for painting is obvious, she admits this work of art was not easy to create. It took her approximately one and a half months to finish because of the difficulty of using acrylic paint. She states how “it was hard to make bell look like a bell, creating straight lines and exact proportions.” Overall, Ariana is pleased with her painting and says, “the background of the painting was fun to do.”

When asked about winning and being recognized at last day of school assembly, she modestly states “you saw me on that stage…” referring to being put on the spotlight for the painting she thought “wouldn’t win.” Ariana does attribute some of her success to Ms. Kozak’s help and support. “Without her,” Ariana says, “It would have never been completed.”

Ariana looks forward to keeping up her painting at home and pursuing other arts in college. Ariana will be happily “experimenting with painting for the rest of [her] life.”