Whose Artwork Will Be Chosen…?

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Staff Writer

On the last day of the year, Mr. David Mahler, our Headmaster, makes a very important decision that not many of you know about. It’s called the “Head’s Choice.” It was started by Mr. Mahler four years ago to recognize exemplary art created by ODA students. The best of the best artwork that was created throughout the year and displayed on Arts Day on May 5, was chosen by the art teachers and given to Mr. Mahler. Ms. Kozak and Mrs. Garasic, together, choose approximately twenty top pieces for Mr. Mahler. Now he must choose one. One year, Mr. Mahler couldn’t decide between two, and compromised by picking two winners.

Last year, Christina Pierce ‘12, was the winner of the Head’s Choice. She and past winners received a certificate and a monetary gift as well as the pretige of having her work chosen as Head’s Choice. The winner’s piece from each year is copied and framed and then hung in Mr. Mahler’s office for the following year. When a new winner comes along, the previous winner’s piece then becomes a part of the school’s collection. Several examples of past year’s winners hang in the upstairs hallway of the Arts Center. If you’ve ever wondered why those few art pieces are there, now you know!

Who will be the chosen one for this school year? Find out on the last day of school, May 31st!