Top Ten Reasons We Can’t Wait for Summer

Charlie Githler, Staff Writer

 1.Relax/Sleep in:

We never sleep enough during the school year. Summer vacation gives us the opportunity to turn OFF our alarm clock and catch up on much needed sleep. Summer vacation= Beauty sleep


Whether it’s a month in San Francisco or a two-week-cruise in the Mediterranean,  traveling is a great experience. There is a special feeling when being away from home, an opportunity to get out of the normal routine.

3.The Great Outdoors:

We live in Florida so whether it’s going to the beach and getting a tan, fishing one of our world class fishing spots, camping in a park on the river, or just going for a run, it’s tough to beat the Florida lifestyle.

4. Summer Movies:

Summer is the time of year when the best movies come out and we can catch a matinee during a rainy summer day. Look for some of the most anticipated films this summer such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and Will Ferrell in “The Campaign”

5. Learn/Invest in Yourself

Besides being great for sleeping in, traveling, and movies, summer is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself. Read a book, apply for an internship, think about what you want to do with your life. Summer is the perfect opportunity to reflect and ponder the meaning of life  

6. Meet new people:

You won’t be the only one with summer off or the only one traveling. Why not take the time to get to know new people from new places? These opportunities do not happen every day and summer vacation is a pressure free time to get to make new friends

7. Intern/Job:

Ready to make some extra money? Looking to better your chances of getting into the college of your dreams or landing your dream job one day? Summer is the best time to utilize your free time to make money or get experience in a a line of work that one day you can call your own

8. Summer Camp:

Participating or volunteering for a summer is a timeless tradition. With the chance to break loose away from home and get into some adventurous activities summer camp is the ultimate playground for children of all ages

9.Read a Book:

“The Hunger Games”, “Twilight”, or a box set of Harry Potter books all offer a great opportunity for you to sit back relax and dive into one of a number of popular books that students rave about. Don’t think that summer can’t include personal reading choices over required books for school. Whether you need to stay busy on a transatlantic flight or just want to catch some rays at the beach, summer is a great time to enjoy your break reading one of your favorite novels that you won’t find on your summer reading list

10. Play:

We are still kids so why not act like it? Go to a water park, get out on the water, or just hang around the house with your friends. Summer is every student’s favorite time of year so you can relax, do what you feel like doing without any pressure, and enjoy yourself.