Boyz Noise “Summer” Playlist

Boyz Noise Summer Playlist

Wyatt Page and Charlie Githler, Writer

Summer is right on our horizon, but more importantly, so is Boyz Noise’s summer playlist!  We’ve constructed this playlist to the tune of hot new tracks you’re bound to hear cruising around town over vacation.  Amongst these tracks are several songs by famed MTV breakthrough artist of the year Wiz Khalifa as well as various house music tracks you won’t be able to resist putting on repeat.  So after exams if you find yourself in need of some hip songs guaranteed to get you in that summer mood, give this playlist a shot!


This will be Boyz Noise’s final entry of the 2012 school.  We took into consideration the amount of time until Boyz Noise’s next posting and realized how emotionally taxing it will be for our followers.  To compensate for this we have assembled an extended playlist complete with twenty-four tracks, more than double the typical amount.  Enjoy!