ODA Student Selected from National Pool for Exciting Summer Program

Ashley Munroe, Staff Writer

Summer is drawing nearer, and students everywhere are beginning to get restless for the time off from the pressures of school to begin. Many students already have their activities planned, from vacationing to summer programs, or just relaxing. However, one Out-of-Door student has something planned that stands out from the rest. From June 25 to July 1, upcoming junior Josh Simon is attending the Youth Education Summit run by the NRA in Washington D.C.

This prestigious program accepts only 45 upcoming high school juniors and seniors to travel to Washington D.C. for a unique and fun educational opportunity. By learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the federal government, these students are taught how to become more active and knowledgeable members of our society. There are many exciting activities set up for the students on this trip, such as listening to guest speakers at the NRA headquarters, partaking in competitive debates, taking tours of the historical sites and monuments around Washington D.C., and getting the chance to meet national leaders.

As well as giving students the amazing opportunity to learn about our government and become active citizens, another goal of the NRA’s Youth Education Summit is to support the graduates of their Y.E.S. program in their efforts to finance their college career. Since the program was founded in 1996, $340,000 of scholarship money has been awarded to the 630 graduates of Y.E.S. Roughly $10,000 is awarded after the completion of each Y.E.S. week, and another $20,000 is given to those who complete the Grand Scholarship application.

The admissions to this program are not taking lightly, and the application process for Josh consisted of many components. Josh was required to write an essay on what the second amendment means to him and how it applies to his life, make a personal statement (which he chose as sharing the story of his life spent doing outdoor activities), give a list of his accomplishments, and get teacher recommendations.

When Josh stumbled upon this program in an NRA catalogue, he did not realize that it was something that could change his outlook on life and the course of his future. When describing the program to me, he told me it would be the perfect fit for him, because of his past with shooting and genuine interest in politics and government. He even thinks government could be a potential career for his future, and this will be a great way to find out. Josh could not be more excited to start this amazing opportunity, and we at the Out-of-Door Academy wish him the best of luck on his endeavors.

To see the video that Josh submitted as his application for the program, click on the link below. Way to go, Josh! We’re proud of your success.