Relay for Life: Celebration of Life and Search for a Cure at ODA

Amanda Pierce


     Relay For Life, an event created by the American Cancer Society, is an event that takes place to raise money for the fight against cancer. This particular disease is significant because it touches every life. Out of Door Academy has been taking part in the event for several years now.

Relay For Life is a celebration of survival and the lives of the those who passed. The school encourages their students to help create awareness and raise money for a cure. This year’s theme was Games. To raise money, students dedicated time during the months prior to  the event to raise money. In order to raise even more money, students operated fundraising booths or attractions at Relay. Baked goods, carnival games, candy, and more were sold. One enterprising group of senior boys even offered single and group hugs for donations. These students raised over $200 just from hugging people at the event.

Although the celebration has passed, there is always time to give money. Donate now at

2012 Facts and Statistics

262 Participants

$41,335 Raised

Top Teams:

     Everyone deserves the chance at the game of LIFE – $4,299

     Battleship – $3,175

     Operation: Fighting Cancer – $2,789

This Year’s Teams:

Everyone deserves the chance at the game of LIFE – $4, 299

     Jordan Brown, Brenna Corry, Simone Ford-Hars, Madison, Gates, Kevin

     Grathwohl, Natalie Chait, Drew Fineberg, Jonathan Fumran, David Grain, Taylor Karp

 Operation: Fighting Cancer: $2.839

 Cassandra Ratzlaff, Zoe Genkin, Qiara Patterson, Sarah Wilcox, Emily Camire, Maria Massaro, Adil Shariff

Battleship: $3,200

 Stephen Gardner, Liz Bentley, Ronald Bizick, Valerie Leatherwood

 Angry Birds: $1,570

  Jay McHargue, Ronald Drzewucki, Quinton Fitzgerald, Ronald Jansen,

   Francesca Perrone, Marcus Buffett, Amanda Durfee, Jeremy Herrin, Edward Pelc, Daniel


 Candyland: $2,071

 Ellie Kimmell, Sara Gregory, Jansen Humphrey, Julia Bellanger, Emma Holland,

    Ashley Monroe

Chutes and Ladders: $1,550

Brenna Ramsay, Gabriella Costa, Alvaro Gonzalez Luna, Alyssa Mason,

Josephine Sellberg, Carly Hunter, Summer Dunn, Sean Kirshe, Melanie Mason, Victoria


Cooking Mama: $2,305

 Sasha Brun-Wibaux, Emily Dixon, Sophia Gardinier, Clara Marra

Guess Who?: $300

  Bianca Tengerdy, Noah Blumenthal, Jacob Lothman, Catherine Williams, Abby

  Banner, Benjamin Edelman, Oliver Tannheiser, Katie Young

Hungry Hungry Hippos: $260

  Monica Costa, David Causey, Johnny Delgado, Blake Frey, Francisco Marcano,

 Jade Bond, Amy Cutmore, Tara Densmore, Nick Grano, Nicholas Pearce

Lower School Faculty/ Staff: $1,661

  Sean McDonald, Glendy Huene, Robin Storm, Grace Duffey, Reanee

    Pitts, Ivonne Toldeo- Gates

 Madden: Touchdowns Toward A Clue: $790

 Ashtin Frank, William Clarke, Jimmy Donnellan, Zachary Hoppe,

Zachary Lang, Brandon Place, Caroline Dailey, Julian Gardinier, Bryan Kirshe, Evan Wilson

Monopoly: $1,950

  Jill Owen. Khyra De Meeiros, Greta Holland, Joey Runge, Sabrina Suriol,

 McCabe Ballance, Izzy Eichenbaum, Kate Patrice, Chloe Ruppert, Rachel Towe

Mouse Trap: Trapping Cancer!: $1,765

Kate Douglas, Amanda Arbeit, Tyler Eaden, Sarah Nimptsch, Haley Preininger,

 Ryan Agabani, Claire Cornetet, Tori Johnston, Juliet Onufrak, Lydia Scheufler

Needing a CLUE to Cure Cancer: $1,359

LTanya Evans, Debby Frye, Mike Newhams, Katherine Dobosz, Audrey

 Gaffney, Ken Sommers

 Pac-Man: $1, 973.02

  Angela Mejicanos, Taber Chadwick, Sofia Delgado, Zoe Fenn, Alexis Hudson,

  Nora Altajar, Olivia Coleman, Wuneke Eustache, Sydney Hill, Abby LeGasse

  Pictionary: Picture a world without Cancer!: $855

  Sarah Karp, Alex Bradbury, Riley Doyle, Megan Jones, Meg Phillips, Jenna

Bloch, Kimmy Comito, Lisa Hoffman, Katie Lang, Madison Shaw

Sam Kimmell: $400

Sam Kimmell, Christos Eraclides, Benjamin Harrison, Renzo Rameto, Katherine

Berg, Charlie Githler, Fred Porter

  Scrabble: $607

 Amber Bond, Peter Cornetet, Ethan Flake, Carling Laneche, Kiarra Womack, Helena

Beltrao, Kevin Deems, Brad Hansell, Brady Moore, Jessica Young

 Shut the Box!: $2,735

 Tracy Fox, Suzanne Case, Camela Giraud, Chris Hill, Maria Shaw, Debra Beck,

Janine Gevas, Giovanni Giullani, Tonantzin Matheus

 Sorry We’re not Sorry… For Beating Cancer: $3,404

Madeline Chait, Angela Donnelly, Amanda Pierce, Samantha Brown, Emma

Gregor, Christina Pierce

Super Mario Bros: $2,105

Michelle Lea, Mateo Glacinti, Ryan Ives, Connor Lea, J Luthrsen, White Family,

Tomas Glacinri, Chelsea Lea, Erin Luhrsen, Aidan Marino

Team 52 Card Pickup: $295

 Matthew Silverman, Abby Harriman, Stephanie Muench, Colin Diener, Mitchell

Hudson, Kristen Navarro

Team Fortitude 2: $465

 Jonathan Greer, John Elder, Neall Denman, Landon Maxe

 Trouble: $1,146.61

 Hanna Coleman, Sydney Avery, Vito Bavaro, Miller Condrack, Alexsa Dietrich,

Elena Ciaccio, Balia Bangoura, Joey Coco, Gianna DeRamo, Charlotte Dixon

Twister: $1,725

Andrea Avery, Gabriella Alvarez, Emily Greenwood, Payton Henson, Emma Lystad,

Samantha Albano, Kelly Doyle, Reanna Gregory, Cheyenne Kerekes, Molly McDonald