Boyz Noise “Track” Playlist

Boyz Noise Track Playlist

Wyatt Page and Charlie Githler, Writer

Bummed that track season is over?  Unless you qualified for states as Brian Ragone, Ashtin Frank, and Fred Porter did, you may be having some “track withdrawals” since the commencement of the regular season.  If you can relate to this description then stop!  Instead of dwelling on the situation, get a leg up on your future competition and begin working out now!  To achieve excellence in any sport, athletes must rely on self-motivation during the off-season to further their talents, as they are not obligated to practice on a regular basis.

If this drive for excellence is what you are striving to achieve, our playlist will stimulate your frontal lobe, aiding you in your workout.  Boyz Noise intends for this playlist to get your blood flowing and adrenalin pumping creating a cocktail of energy, giving you the extra push needed to out-train your competition.  So if you want to prolong track withdrawals next year and extend your season, give this playlist a shot.  You won’t be disappointed.