A Milestone Has Been Reached!

Max Provost

Last Friday the Thunder baseball team made school history. The team won their game against Canterbury 10-0 beating them by the Mercy Rule. The Mercy Rule is a rule that ends the game after 5 innings if one of the teams is winning by 10 runs or more. Obviously the team was happy about such a big win but there was also another factor: By winning that game, they finished the regular season with 18 wins and 3 losses. That amount of wins is the most ever by an ODA baseball team in the school’s history. The team previously holding the record was the team from ’08-’09. They finished their season with 17 wins and 18 losses.

This year’s team will play their first district game Tuesday night at 7:30 against Bradenton Christian School at the Taylor Emmons Memorial Field. Get on your Thunder gear to go out and support them!