Choir of Angels

Angela Donnelly, Bolt Staff Writer

On Thursday March 29th, the Out-of-Door Academy was serenaded by the 34-member chamber choir from St. Mary’s Calne, Wiltshire, England. St. Mary’s is an all girls boarding school for girls aged 11-18. Their choir is in Florida on a one-week singing tour.

The girls have been enjoying America and its people. Mariella, who is a two year member of the choir, says “Everyone in America is so open and friendly.” Another choir member, Ella, says “I love the pizza here. Papa John’s is the total American experience.” So far the choir has sung in Naples, Tampa, and Sarasota. Their next stop is Miami.  The girls have been enjoying the warm Florida weather. “Lying on the beach, sun bathing, and being burnt to a crisp, have been lots of fun,” says Ella when asked about her favorite part of the trip. The girls are not the only ones enjoying their Florida adventures.

The choir dazzled Out-of-Door Academy students with a variety of songs. They began on a serious tone with Mozart’s “Requiem,” then gradually became more playful in their choices by including Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and concluded by singing Brittany Spear’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” “Director of Fun” and lower school parent, Tim Brewer, noted that even his twin seven-year-old sons came home raving about the choir after they performed for the ODA lower campus. After a performance at the upper school, Sarah Eichenbaum, Student Chorus Director, said, “They were extremely talented; I wish they could combine them with our choir.” Another student who is also a member of ODA’s choir, Gabby Maraia, raved, “they were unbelievable; I wish I could keep them here forever!”