Waiting Finally “Curbed” for Seniors

Christina Pierce, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the year, the seniors were given their assigned parking spots as a gift and the opportunity to decorate their parking spot. But the class was confused about what part of their parking spots they were allowed to decorate. Seniors also started to argue about their parking spots because several students had parked in spots that were not assigned to them. The problems were sorted and the seniors were then told that they were allowed to decorate the curb in front of the parking spots.

During H block on March 7th, and March 8th, the seniors gathered in the parking lot with paint and paintbrushes in their hands. Due to the price of the paint and limited selection of colors, the class was only given blue, white, and silver paint. The seniors all moved their cars and got started. The class enjoyed their time decorating their spots while hanging out with their fellow classmates.

We would like to thank Mrs. Garasic for setting up the supplies and for organizing the fun activity!