A Bright Future Ahead

Charlie Githler, Staff Writer

Recently an architectural team, S.L.A.M., visited the ODA Campus to discuss the possibility of expanding the campus.  In the past several years, a variety of buildings and facilities, focusing on both academics and athletics, have been constructed that offer students a unique campus lifestyle.  Thunder Stadium, Malisoff Tennis Courts, Emmons Baseball Fields, and the Arts Building have all been built within the past five years.  Now the next phase of construction is on the horizon and we wanted to know what the future high school students at ODA wanted.

When we distributed a survey to 7th and 8th graders asking them what they would like to see on the ODA campus, we got lots of responses.  Although the respondents didn’t expand on their ideas it was fun to think about what the campus would be like with their ideas included in the equation.

Nick Rivisonno, a 7th grader, suggested hammocks on campus to relax in while studying during study hall. Wouldn’t it be nice to swing away in a hammock on a perfect South Florida day while reading a classic piece of literature such as The Great Gatsby or Things Fall Apart?  If Nick’s idea were added, what a nice, new, relaxing opportunity for learning on the ODA campus!

Do you want to have a coffee from Starbucks while swinging away in your hammock? According to a number of middle school students this would make a great addition to the school. In fact Starbucks was the number one idea proposed by middle school students. Adding a Starbucks or even drinks from the popular chain is in high demand. It seems that some days we could all use a boost and Starbucks takes the top spot in this category.

With the addition of several sports facilities over the past five years, a desire to perfect the school further is only natural.  Camille Getty, an 8th grader, suggested lacrosse fields, practice fields, and a swimming pool.  Currently the lacrosse and soccer seasons overlap and this can be problematic for the athletic department, groundskeepers, and athletes.  The field at certain times of the year can have several different lines painted on the field for different sports which can add up to confusing moments during  games.  ODA could make huge steps in the athletic department if they were able to add more fields and an on-site swimming pool.

Letting your imagination wonder what it would be like if ODA brought students new amenities, offerings, and facilities is a fun thing to do.  With the first investigative steps underway, it is now time to let the campus administration know what the students want to see added to campus for future generations of kids to enjoy and use to maximize their high school experience.

We look forward to a continued bright future for the school.