Grand Slam for Thunder Baseball

Max Provost

ODA baseball has been off to a great start this year; they have won all four of their regular season games. The team has a new addition this year. It’s not a player but a building. The team has added a full locker room, restrooms, concessions stand, a storage room and a scorer’s booth.

The school was mandated by the FHSAA to have restrooms back by the baseball fields. By having that obligation the school and baseball team decided that if they had to already do some construction, why not make it a grand construction with the full kit. The locker room is especially impressive. There are personalized lockers for every player with their name and number, a special coaches room with a beanbag chair, and other entertainment systems.

What really stood out was locker #15, also known as Taylor Emmons’ locker. The locker holds his jersey, his hat, and some rolls of athletic tape.

The scorer’s booth is said to be “state of the art” and inside of it are the controls for field’s sound system. The team enjoys practicing with music. There is also a very nice view of campus and our expansive athletic facilities.

The newly added concessions stand is in the same building as the locker rooms and the same as the storage room. There is a popcorn machine, a hotdog machine, a drink fridge and many other things. The storage room is where the jerseys are laundered and stored. The door to enter this room is a garage type door instead of normal door.

A big thanks to the Dietrich family for their donation–the Thunder baseball players should feel very comfortable with the new additions.