Follow the New Alumni Brick Road…

Christina Pierce, Staff Writer

As the students returned from mid winter break, many noticed the new bricks that have been placed along the walkway next to the bell at the Uihlein Campus. At first, they appear to be normal bricks, but if you take a closer look, one will find the alumni’s names and the year they graduated on each brick.

The bricks are placed in a specific order. All of the graduating classes from the class of 1999 to the class of 2011 have been listed on the bricks. The first graduating class can be found under the bell. The even numbered years are located on the left and the odd numbered years are located on the right.

The new bricks are reminiscent of the six grade’s cement tile project. The sixth graders are given a cement tile to decorate. Each tile has a creative decoration. At the Siesta Key Campus, the decorated cement tiles are placed along the bell and the walkway of one of the main entrances to the school.

There are mixed feelings about the new bricks. Some students think the bricks are similar to tombstones, but others think it is a great way to remember the alumni. When asked about the bricks, Ms. Dobosz replied, “the bricks are a classy up-scaled version of the lower campus’ bricks. They are a new sophisticated version.” Many students have taken a picture of the bricks for their older siblings who have graduated. Senior Harry Lempriere sent a picture to his to his sister who is a former alumna. She responded to the picture of her brick by saying “What? That is awesome!” The alumni’s bricks and the 6th grade’s cement tiles signify the ending of a chapter of their life and the beginning of the next step to their future.

This year’s graduating seniors are eager to see their own bricks on the ODA brick road.