The End of a Tradition?

Christina Pierce, Staff Writer

On the night before the homecoming game, the ODA community gathers to celebrate all of the Fall sports teams. The night is filled with food, fun activities, and school spirit. But the bonfire for the 2011 and 2012 school year has been postponed several times. Students are asking if we will have the bonfire this year and what will happen to it next year.

In the past, before the football team was formed, the bonfire was on another night. The Bonfire had been a night to celebrate the basketball team. But, it was still a way to create school spirit. The night of the bonfire is filled with fun activities such as inflatable jousting, mattress race, and the beanbag toss. Students then go to the quad to celebrate the Fall sports team. Each coach comes up to the front of the quad to motivate the crowd. After the teams sit down, the students gather around the unlit pile of wood. Symbols of the rival team are a part of the pile of wood.  Then, the pit bursts into flames and the crowd begins to cheers.

The bonfire was moved from homecoming week because of the busy schedule. The student council voted for the bonfire to be moved to another date and thought it was best to have the bonfire on a different night in order to celebrate other sports.  The date was set on the week of January 5 in order to boost the spirit for the burgeoning Cardinal Mooney rivalry.

Due to poor weather conditions, the bonfire was postponed for another date. Since it is winter, the weather is too dry and too windy to have a fire. The fire would be a risk to the surrounding area. The school was strongly advised by the local fire marshal not to have the bonfire.

There is still some hope for the bonfire to happen this year though. When asked about the hopes of a bonfire this year, Coach Brewer assured that the student council is working hard to make possible plans for a right date for the bonfire. There is a possibility that the bonfire will be in the spring when the weather conditions are more favorable. He had also said that the rescheduled bonfire is “ an opportunity to make a new tradition”.