Bolt Staff Gets Published Locally

Camela Giraud, Faculty Adviser

Two ODA Bolt writers were published locally in the Bradenton Herald on Monday February 6. Sophomore Ashley Monroe had an article published in hard copy in the daily edition and junior, Stephani Spindel had hers published online. The Herald publishes the work of young journalists as part of its “Journalism Next” program, a program dedicated to giving high school writers the experience of having their work read by the Sarasota/Bradenton community and beyond.

This past fall, staff writers Wyatt Page, Amanda Pierce, and Josh Lovin had work published in the Bradenton Herald as well.

The Bolt staff applauds the work of its staff to continue to explore and publish the stories of our school community. Way to go, writers!

Link to Journalism Next articles here.

Ashley Monroe’s article about ODA maintenance staff member Enrique Llorente.

Stephani Spindel’s article about student engagement in national politics.