Sixth Graders Storm Campus

Harrison Lempriere, Staff Writer

The day the sixth grade moves to the Uihlein Campus is in the not too distant future and there is one reoccurring question; how are they going to fit? There have been countless rumors, some of which are plausible and others just do not seem practical. Here are just a few:


  • Build a second floor on top of the Study Hall.

Could the building even sustain a second floor? My guess: No!

  • Construct a whole lower campus on the other side of the pond.

You’ve probably seen the Master Plan in the front office, but when are those plans going to come to fruition? Well not next year!

  • Convert the cafeteria into the sixth grade’s new home.

Where would we eat?!?


Well, stop all the rumors, because I’m here to tell you what is really going to happen:

  • Mr. Dougherty, Ms. Howell, Ms. Gomez will likely relocate to different classrooms.
  • Mr. Dougherty’s, Ms. Howell’s, and Ms. Gomez’s rooms may then become part of the middle school. Giving enough space for the sixth graders.
  • The study hall will be partitioned into two classrooms.
  • Study Hall will now be held in the Wellness classroom in the gym
  • The so-called “dance studio” on the second floor of The Arts Building will be transformed into two classrooms.