More Republican Candidates Face the Hatchet

Stephani Spindel, Co- Editor

The Remaining Republican Candidates / Photo by Fox News

With Herman Cain out of the picture, Jon Huntsman’s, Rick Perry’s and Michelle Bachmann’s not-so surprising withdrawals, and Newt Gingrich quickly drowning in the polls, the remaining GOP candidates are battling it out for their last 15 minutes in the spotlight.

At the Iowa caucus, the Romney campaign struggled to attract votes from the far right, who want a consistently conservative candidate. Conservative voters responded to Santorum’s ideas, causing a surge in this candidate’s popularity. Romney won by a mere eight votes, making this the closest caucus in American history.

The following week, at the New Hampshire caucus, Romney, Paul and Huntsman came in as the top three candidates, leaving Santorum out of the picture with a mere 9 percent.

Ron Paul who came in third in Iowa, and second in New Hampshire, has recently surged in the polls and has been gaining a lot of support from young voters, especially students.

When asked why he thought Ron Paul was favored by younger voters, junior, Jordy Moran, replied, “Well, you see someone like Romney or Huntsman, who tend to flip back and forth on their views, and then you have candidates like Gingrich and Santorum who accept money from lobbyists, so people can’t really trust them. And then you have Ron Paul, who I really like, because he’s been consistent in his beliefs and has 20-plus years working in congress. So I’m just waiting to see what happens in South Carolina next week.”

In a recent poll, Paul exhibited the greatest support from young voters ages 17 to 29.  Santorum was preferred mostly by middle-aged adults, ages 45 to 64, while Romney had a strong liking from senior voters, ages 65 and up.

Stay tuned in the following weeks, as the South Carolina primary unfolds, and then the GOP candidates will come to Florida, for a huge week in politics with two debates and a primary. And yes, I am super excited.