ODA’S Wide Range of Holiday Vacations

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Staff Writer

Having a three week holiday vacation from school opens a lot of opportunities. Whether you left the country, the state, or the couch, you’re simply happy that you didn’t have the stress of school on your shoulders.
Taking advantage of the timely sabbatical, many students left their homes for a well-deserved time off from school. Because of this particular holiday, most went to visit their relatives and stayed in the country. Some shipped off to meet their families, while other families came to them. New York City was a popular destination for the holidays as well as Orlando; at least in Orlando there are amusement parks where you can have fun even when hosting family members.
Those who weren’t stuck having to spend time with family members, were lucky to get out of town and have some fun. Traveling outside of the country, one student visited Mexico. She witnessed its colorful and eventful streets while spending time with her close family. She and her family watched a few locals dance in their native clothing while shopping on the streets during a festival.
Not content staying in one place, some chose to go on a cruise. One student talked about visiting Honduras and learning about their different daily lives; being in Spanish four this year, she was privileged to use her skills in conversing with the locals. Completing many family oriented-activities while there, she was excited to catch up with her family. While on the trip, they enjoyed playing with 600-pound sea turtles, riding horses on the beach, and rock climbing.
Rather than going on a cruise, another student traveled throughout the northeast to New York City, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island visiting historical landmarks and city highlights. Another appreciated the drive up to North Carolina to visit her eight cousins. Although they didn’t get along, she was relieved to have the trip back home alone with her parents.

Most students, however, stayed in town this holiday break and chilled. They went to the local beach or went shopping with friends. Others, sat on the couch and watched TV or played video games. Still, it’s better than going to school! Whatever you did this holiday break, it does not matter as long as you had fun and relaxed while doing so. Work hard because another break is coming up soon!