Holiday Bizarre Wishes

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Staff Writer

Days to the holidays are dwindling down and you are making your final touches to your wish list. What are you asking for this year? At our age, the element of surprise during the gift giving holidays has lessened; we usually ask and expect to receive. Those who already have in mind what they want, have some unique and bizarre ideas. See what your fellow classmates are asking for this year for Christmas and Hanukkah, you may be surprised.

Asking around the sophomores, food seemed to be common ground. Students are asking for salad spinners, juicers, the “Magic Bullet Smoothie Maker,” and food processors. A student is also asking for the children’s toy, “Moon Shoes.” Some of the most bizarre wishes for Christmas were barbecue sauce from Tennessee, and anything “mustache related.”

Other crazy ideas that were mentioned among the ODA community were nose hair trimmers, a vacuum, and a bagel slicer.

Taking a turn from the unusual, there were some universal wishes that were addressed; money and clothes seemed to be at the top with electronics such as apple products, games, and Kindles closely behind.

Theodabolt wishes you all a happy holiday and a joyous winter break! See you back in 2012!