ODA Teams Practice Over Break


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

Mid-Winter break. A time for family. Colleges. Relaxation. 

Besides relaxing and taking time off from the classroom stresses, students are encouraged to use the break to visit colleges that they are potentially interested in attending in their near future.

“I went on multiple college visits over break,” says Sophomore Xavier Koffman.

So how does practice and games with your school team fit in?

Some students were expected to attend practices and play in games over Mid-Winter Break.

Sports like track, baseball, and lacrosse hold practices over Mid-Winter break. The basketball team had part of their playoffs held during break.

The concept of coaches hosting practices during scheduled breaks has been a controversial topic for years in the ODA community.

“I think it is important you have time off, and it is an important time to visit colleges and visit family,” says Interim Upper School Division Head, Adam Seldis.

Lacrosse player, Caroline Lafoe said practice during break, “took away from family and college time.”

The school tries to give time off to their students and athletes by not allowing coaches to mandate practice during the break.

Should coaches be able to hold practice during break?

“I think the answer is self-explanatory if your goal is to compete at the highest level,” says Varsity baseball Coach, Tim Orlosky.

Not everyone agrees.

“I think we need time off from practice and school,” says baseball player, Junior Tom Wilander.

Some spring sports have games scheduled over Mid-Winter break, so a lack of practice could lead to a rusty performance in the game.

Sophomore baseball player, Alex Denler states, “practice over the break was good because I always like taking the time to get better at the sport I love.”

“I think it was good to stay in the rhythm of baseball and stay in shape without losing valuable time before starting our season,” says senior baseball player, Brady Moore.

After all, practice was not as bad as people made it out to be. Players actually enjoyed the practice time during their break to stay on top of their sport.

Whether you came back to campus for practice or not, it’s time to get back into the groove now.

Whether you used the break to relax, visit colleges, visit family, or stay on top of your sport, Mid-Winter break is a memory by now.

With students relaxing and sports teams practicing the same question still remains:  should sport teams practice during Mid-Winter Break?