Families and Feasts


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

Since 1621 the annual feast known as Thanksgiving has taken place on the fourth Thursday of every November. To this day people have kept the tradition going of stuffing their faces on this day of family and feasting.

“My favorite food is homemade green bean casserole, and someone else does the dishes,” says Librarian, Ms. Mandel.

“I like the biscuits and gathering with my family,” says Sophomore, Mackenzie Condrack.

Everybody has their own family traditions for Thanksgiving day or the whole week. My favorite Thanksgiving family tradition is our ping-pong tournament held at my house.

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to Six Flags and flying back to India with my family,” says Junior, Josh Samuel.

“My family decorates for Christmas on Thanksgiving day,” says Junior, Delaney Dowdell.

“Playing left, right, center with my family is definitely my favorite Thanksgiving tradition,” says Freshman, Laura Davenport.

“I love watching NFL games with my family on Thanksgiving day,” says Junior, Taber Chadwick.

Thanksgiving has different meanings for different people. To me Thanksgiving is a time where we have fun as a family and eat food that we don’t usually eat. But for others, the holiday means more than eating traditional foods.

“I get to see my family that I hardly see,” says Sophomore, Ryan Macniven.

“It means that I get to eat my homemade Chex cereal mix,” says Teacher, Mr. Militzer.

“The week of Thanksgiving is when I make money from my job,” says Junior, Ethan Bertrand.

“It’s a time of rejoicing your family, getting together, and being happy,” says Sophomore, Leland Wheeler.

Whether Thanksgiving means stuffing yourself with food, playing games, or just hanging out with friends and family, always remember that Thanksgiving is also a time of being thankful.

Have a great Thanksgiving!