Thunder Fun Day Rumbles into Siesta Key

Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

It’s all food, fun, and games Saturday, November 12 as The Out-of-Door Academy hosts the 10th annual Thunder Fun Day event. The event will take place at the ODA Siesta Key lower campus from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“It’s a way for the community to come together and to raise money,” says Terri Medina, Director of Community Outreach and Public Relations.

ODA students and community members have the opportunity to volunteer and receive service hours at this event. There are different volunteer options including, running games, setting up, taking down, and running concessions.

Some students also use the day to promote new ideas and engage the community in events regarding their clubs.

Mr. Mahler brought the idea of Thunder Fun Day with him when he came to ODA ten years ago. Thunder Fun Day is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a day of fun! There are plenty of games for kids of all ages to play including my personal favorite, the Ring Toss.

“My favorite game is Wipeout because it is fun being hit by the pole that swings around,” says Sophomore Andra Hansen.

“It’s a good way to get the school together and involved while having fun,” says Senior Brady Moore.

Besides a great time, Thunder Fun Day is also a fundraising event for the ODA community. Funds that are raised support many in the community from the students to the faculty. Some funds that are raised at the event allow faculty Wish List items to become reality. These items are special items needed for the classroom to improve the student experience.

Thunder Fun Day is free to attend, but you’ll need to purchase tickets to participate in the games. So come on out to eat food, play games, and have a blast, all while supporting ODA.