Petty or Prudent Debating?

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Lilli Carlton, Staff Writer

Monday, September 26th, was the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. According to CNN, this debate was the most-watched debate in history, with more than 84 million viewers.

This particular election has stirred up discussion on different views and opinion, though many feel the presidential candidates themselves leave much to be desired.

“It’s pathetic. You feel like you’re watching a comedy TV shows or teenagers. This is the USA we’re trying to run,” said Sophomore Hannah Bizick.

Many have opinions to offer about the candidates, but what about the issues themselves? When asked a specific question, students tended to interpret the question within their own particular frame of reference.

While presidential candidates are sometimes accused of not answering questions and digressing from the issues, students tend to do the same thing—by talking about their passion per issue.

Do you think taxes should be raised or lowered?

“I think the rich people have way too much outlets to avoid taxation. So, not necessarily raise, but it should be more difficult to avoid taxation,” says Sophomore Leeson Foullon.

Other people agree that the government should not permit taxation from the wealthy to pay for the poor; they agree that giving is important, but giving should not be regulated in the form of taxes.

“As hard as the wealthy class is working for the jobs, the poor class needs to work just as hard to get what they want, and visa-versa. Nothing comes easy, everything needs to be worked for, ” says Sophomore Madisyn Opstal.

“The poor class shouldn’t expect the wealthy to hand the money to them just because the President decides that is what should happen. The incentive to work will lack in both classes as a result. If you’re forced to do something then you don’t want to do it; but if no one is telling you to do it, you will want to do it just because it’s the right thing,” says Bizick.

How do you think Foreign Trade should be tackled?

“I have bad experiences with call centers,” jokes Foullon. “I think two things: somehow to create more jobs in America, but also global outreach is one of the most important things for our nation to do.”

How do you think we should secure America?

“Secure America? By not choosing one of these presidents,” says Opstal.

“If I had to choose, I would definitely go with Donald Trump. He can handle money and our country would not be in debt. With Hillary I think we’d go into more debt than we already are,” says Bizick.

“But see, racism plays such a huge role in America,” Opstal responds to Bizick.

“I agree he’s racist, but when talking about securing America, I think Trump has much more knowledge of money and leadership so he would do a better job,” says Bizick.


The students’ discussions and views seem to reflect those of the candidates, even if the candidates are deemed unfavorable; students digress to discuss what they believe, and are passionate about expressing their views.

Whether you agree or disagree with the presidential candidates’ views, or whether you agree or disagree with these students’ views, and do not care to watch Trump and Clinton discuss issues, tonight, October 4th at 9:00 pm, the vice presidential debate will take place. This debate, between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, with hopefully reflect their running mates’ ideas without the deemed drama.

Tune in tonight and decide your views!