Girls Plan to Plow the Field in the Peasant Skirt

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What is the Peasant Skirt?

Marisa Bregg

The new school year means lots of changes. Not only do students have a brand new building AND cafe, (The STEM Center) but girls are now allowed to wear skirts to school!

You have probably heard about ODA’s addition to the dress code, the peasant skirt. Surprisingly, students aren’t very excited about the change. Some think that the skirt is cute but needs to be worn with an out-of-uniform top, making the change problematic. Others think that it is flat out “ugly.”

But what is a peasant skirt exactly? Some may think that the peasant skirt looks like this:

That skirt is, in fact, a peasant skirt. But does the school really want us to return to feudal times?

Actually, the modern peasant skirt can look like this:

Because ODA doesn’t allow tank tops, the peasant skirt can be quite difficult to style. Miss Mandel suggests it  could be worn  with a plaid or polo top and ballet flats. You can change the pattern of the skirt to accommodate your personal style.


The real question is…would you wear it? Miss Mandel would!