Seniors Sinking in a Sea of Supplements

Seniors Sinking in a Sea of Supplements

ODA’s class of 2015 is nearly ready to head off to college and each of them has a list of possible places. Deciding where to apply is one of the most important first decisions of the process. This narrowing down of choices begins in the second semester of junior year. How students decide which schools to apply to depends on what students are personally looking for in a school.

“I really like schools that have a lot of school spirit. It’s a big thing that I look forward to in college,” says Christine Turner.

“I thought I wanted to go to a big school, but after coming to ODA, I realized I really like small class sizes, so that’s one of the main things I looked for when searching for schools to apply to,” says Savannah Jones.

Once students decide where to apply, the tedious work of actually applying begins.

The seniors are currently intrenched inĀ the process filling out applications on top of completing a full load of school work. Imagine facing deadlines for anywhere from 3 to 14 writing samples often called “supplements.” These supplements are typically two paragraphs in length with a maximum word count of 250.

While this task might not sound overwhelming, when multiplied by 7 and made to perfection, these supplements can be mind numbing for many.

“Applying to colleges and the whole process in general is stressful, and I’m just ready for it to be over. I’m almost done with all of my apps,” exclaims Reanna Gregory.

“I don’t stress,” says Angus Martin with his characteristic nonchalance.

“I think the process is very tedious becauseĀ of all the applications I have to fill out,” offers Jade Bond.

“It’s really stressful, and I honestly just cannot wait for it to be over,” shares Sam Emmons.

College counselors are quick to point out that essays offer the best opportunity students have in applying to college for schools to have 3 dimensional picture of applicants.

When asked if writing college supplements are annoying, Megan Jones says, “They are when you get an email from Mr Runge after sending him my essay saying ‘this was a challenge for me to look at. You need to come see me.’ I just hate how a majority of the questions asked are so blatant.”

“They’re kind of annoying. It’s just really time consuming,” says Monica Costa.

In order to assure that the students are finishing their applications on time, the college counseling staff has divided the grade into 3 groups each with a certain deadline for all of their applications. The first deadline is September 15th, followed by October 1st, and last October 15th.

As the deadlines roll around, you may notice the seniors crashing around you. Many wonder where senioritis begins; some might tell you that the college app process is one of the first causes.

Hang in there, seniors.