Tis’ the Season for Trending Presents

Tis the Season for Trending Presents

He’s making a list and checking it twice, and of course we all know that ODA kid are always nice. And for those of you who are Jewish, and celebrated Hanukkah, you ate turkey and opened presents on the same night, something that will not happen again for another 70,000 years.

Lulu lemon clothes, baseball gear, kitchen aid mixers, Tiffany necklaces, and shopping sprees are just some of the items that people are asking “Santa” and “The Hanukkah Fairy” for this year.

Every boy at ODA is going to be writing a letter (to whomever it may be) asking for the new XBOX One, which now allows gamers to surf the web, Skype, and stream movies directly to your TV, all while planning a sneaky attack on your Call of Duty enemy.

However, for girls, the trending gift this year is not as obvious. Last girl every girl got a rose gold Michael Kors watch, but no one asked for that. It was not know that those were trending before the holiday season, but after the 25th of December, everyone who didn’t receive one wanted one. Junior Jordan Towsley said,”We may not know what is trending this year until after Christmas.”

Sophomore Miller Condrack said, “I feel like people are asking for new computers or new electronics.”

Later when talking about her computer Condrack said, “Mine is outdated and broken and not compatable with anything else anymore.”

When talking about students electronics in general, Sophomore Hanna Coleman said, “Everything is getting outdated.”

Other than some girls asking for electronics, the┬átruth is, that there is not one gift that every girl is begging for this year. It looks like trending gifts are not going to be known this year until after the holiday season. Or maybe there won’t be a major trending gift this year.

Parents, if you are hung up on what to get your children this year, here a few suggestions from ODA upper school kids: Lulu Lemon apparel, Ray Bans, a Jet Ski, Tiffany jewelry, cash, baseball gear, Kitchen Aid mixers, monogrammed items, and paddle boards.

Remember, tis’ the season for gift giving, so make sure your gift is trendy.