Rainbow Loom Bracelets are Trending at ODA

Rainbow Loom Bracelets are Trending at ODA

Fishtail, Starburst, Raindrop, and Hexafish are well known words at ODA. Why might these strange words be trending at ODA? Because they are all words associated with the company Rainbow Loom.

Many of you may remember how popular Silly Bandz were a few years back. Well, Rainbow Looms are just as popular if not more. So what is the deal with all of these colorful rubber bands?

Rainbow Loom is a company formerly known Twist Bandz. Rainbow Loom was created by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian immigrant got his degree in mechanical engineering and was working as a crash test engineer for Nissan. He began experimenting with making bracelets out of small rubber bands, and in the past year, the company has taken off.

In the ODA community in particular, Rainbow Loom bracelets are trending like crazy. If you were to pick ten high schoolers at random, chances are they have all heard of the bracelets, and majority of them will be wearing at least one.

At Thunder Fun Day this past weekend, there was a craft table where kids were lined up to make their own Rainbow Loom bracelet. Junior Jordan Towsley who was working at the craft table on that day said, “It was great to see how many different ages were interested in making Rainbow Looms. There was a nonstop rush at the table with boys and girls alike.”

If you are interested in making your own Rainbow Loom bracelets, you can find kits at almost any craft store. You could even go on YouTube and learn how to make any kind of Rainbow Loom you want.

So remember, if you are stressed from school, or you need to take a study break, you could always grab your Rainbow Loom kit and let your creativity soar.