From a Young Boy Playing With Old Boxes to a Worldwide Event

From a Young Boy Playing With Old Boxes to a Worldwide Event

It all started with a little boy named Caine who won a plastic toy and used it to create his own arcade game. This event has now turned into a worldwide revelation.

A few years ago, a film maker discovered Caine’s arcade, an arcade made out of cardboard boxes, when he went to buy a new door handle for his car at an auto parts store. The film maker bought a fun pass to play the games and loved the idea so much that he decided to make a film about it.

As soon as the film went viral, people all around the globe wanted to experience Caine’s Arcade themselves. People travelled to play Caine’s arcade and eventually some decided that the event was worth transforming into a global day where kids  make their own arcades. This movement turned into a foundation called the Imagination Foundation. The day is called The Cardboard Challenge. The Imagination Foundation is encouraging groups around the world to hold a Cardboard Challenge as  part of a Global Day of Play this Saturday, October 5, 2o13.

ODA’s Invisible Children club is hosting a Cardboard Challenge for the Sarasota community on Saturday October 5 at the Lower School on Siesta Key. The past week, the entire school as come together to help prepare for the event on Saturday.

The Invisible Children club has been cutting up cardboard boxes to make name tags, and signs for the event. Members of the club have also been going around to store in the community asking for supply donations. Christine Turner, a member of the Invisible Children club said they have been going to BJ’s, Walmart, Winn Dixie, Costco, and Michaels asking for cardboard, paint, food, ice, water, toys, and more.

The Computer Graphics class is  helping by creating and printing signs, along with making signs out of cardboard for the event. The Film Club will be making a documentary of the event. Ms. Sassetti’s eighth grade class has been making their own arcade games all week. Pre-K and their second grade buddies are organizing a bake sale to hold at the event. The fourth and fifth grade STEM classes have been learning about how to make games out of cardboard and the materials that are needed. The biggest collaboration at the event is with Mattress Firm. Mattress Firm is donating a truck full of cardboard and they are paying for all the hot dogs at the event.

Everyone involved in the process is extremely excited for the event and to see how everything comes together. Rachel Rodgers, one of the leaders of the Invisible Children club said, “I think it [the event] is going to be successful and a lot of people will show up and build a really cool arcade.” Rodgers also said “Ms. Giraud has put a lot of effort into making this work and we all appreciate it.”

The Club as a whole hopes that the event has a great turnout and everyone has fun at the event. Everyone be sure to come out and support this event that will be full of imagination and creativity.