ODA: Hungry for Cougar Meat Since 2011


If you haven’t noticed, the weather has been rather thunderous these past few days. If you ask me, I think it is a sign from Thor, the God of Thunder that he is on our side for the big game tonight.

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. Lady Thunder is prepared to take on their biggest rival, Cardinal Mooney. Many of you may not be familiar with how this rivalry began, so allow me to offer some background information.

The rivalry began to develop in 2011, my freshman year. Seniors at both schools began to trash talk each other via Facebook. They decided that this feud would be settled on the ODA basketball court later that week.

Throughout the game, the “Cougar Crazies,” a student-developed fan club, were constantly smack talking our players on the court. Students, teachers, and administrators had an idea of what to expect, but no one thought it would ever go as far as it did. ODA students, rather than engaging in conflict, decided to cheer their team on positively.

During the game, an ODA mother became frustrated with comments being made by Mooney cheerleaders. This frustration quickly escalated, and both the parent and Mooney cheerleaders were asked to leave the Thunderdome. Senior players on the court became restless with the comments being made towards them, and became violent. At the first sight of this visible agitation, Mr. Mahler called the game and asked everyone to exit the gym immediately. This was the start of ODA’s biggest rivalry.

The following fall ODA faced Mooney again in volleyball. The first game was at Mooney, and the “Cougar Crazies” were at it again. ODA lost the game, but did not lose their pride in the Lady Thunder. After that game, there were more social media arguments. This time, it was not about who was better, but rather who had more class.

Later that season we played Mooney in the Thunderdome, and Mooney students dressed up to prove that they had more class. Our Lady Thunder went on to win in the fifth game with a score of  16-14. ODA students rushed the court as if at an NBA game. We were so proud that we finally beat Mooney. After the game ODA students stated that class is not defined but what you wear, but how you act.

Later that year, ODA went on to beat Mooney on the baseball field, further fueling the ODA/ Mooney rivalry.

Tonight, the rivalry continues in the Thunderdome  at 7:00 p.m. ODA fans are asked to dress in navy blue and come out to support our Lady Thunder … with class.