A Snapshot of the Year to Come

A Snapshot of the Year to Come

Challenging, stressful, different, independent, and demanding are just a few words that describe the first five weeks of school.

Ask any student in high school, and they will tell you that each year has a different feeling. Freshman generally like having the independence. Sophomores usually enjoy not being the underdogs on campus anymore. Juniors are super stressed about some classes. And Seniors are stressed about college applications.

Freshman, Greta Holland talked about how high school is better than middle school. Holland said, “There’s a lot less homework this year compared to last, because I get more done in my study hall.”

Sophomores feel like this year is going really well. Libby Grimond said this year is “really easy.” Sophomores feel like the work load is a lot less compared to Freshman year. Charlotte Dixon said that study hall “gets work done.” Most sophomores are not worried about college yet, but it is on their radar.

Juniors have different views on the year based on the classes they are taking. Christine Turner said, “I feel like we haven’t had a lot of homework, but it’s been challenging homework.”

Lisa Hoffman said, “Classes are a lot harder and the work load is more.” Hoffman also said “This year you’re a lot more independent, and teachers don’t hold your hand.”

Seniors seem to be stressed about college, but also curious about senior privileges. Jordan Brown said, “As a senior you have more leeway about what classes you can take.”

Brown also talked about senior privileges saying, “Senior privileges should start when senior year starts.” She said “It’s annoying because we leave in April anyways.”

Overall, the year seems to be going well. Although stressful for some, these first five weeks have been a snapshot of the year, and kids seem to be doing well in their classes.

Stick in there high schoolers, and don’t forget to have some fun on the weekends.