Get Involved in Clubs This Year!

Get Involved in Clubs This Year!

ODA has changed its club model. In previous years, time was set aside during the school day for clubs to meet. When the Ovations program began, clubs found themselves squeezed for meeting times. This year clubs have been handed over to students who have been told that if they really want a club, they need to organize and find the time get work done. This year we have over fifteen clubs, the majority of them student-initiated and directed. While each club is required to have a faculty advisor, students are encouraged to mobilize and find a passion.

Sign up sheets can be found in the library. Please sign up for clubs you are interested in. Club leaders will be contacting members shortly to discuss meeting times and plans.

Adventure Club
This club is for students who are interested in outdoor adventures and alternative sports like archery, hiking, and rock climbing. We’d like to have experts come to teach archery and survival skills. Also would love to organize camping trips and other off-campus, weekend adventures.
Faculty Advisor: Seeking inspired faculty to help guide the group
Student Leader: Noah Blumenthal
Meeting Time/Place: to be announced

Accapella Group
Accapella group will be a place where students and aspiring singers can practice. We will work together to create a rising accapella group and become better singers ourselves.
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Young (formerly known as Ms. Porello)
Student Leader:
Meeting Time/Place:

Be the Change
See something you think needs to be changed about life at ODA? Too many exams? Restrictions you’d like to see relaxed? Ideas for making ODA even better? This group works to address meaningful change in the community and give a forum for students to solve campus problems together.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Frye and Ms. Murphy
Student Leader: Just being in this group makes you a leader!
Meeting Time/Place: to be determined

Caliope’s Corner
This group will meet to read and peer edit, as well as discuss process, frustrations and successes in creative writing. Pieces created in this club, in a variety of media, will be published in The Bolt, the online student paper.
Student Leaders: Morgan Woods and Emma Henson
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Lemieux
Meeting Place and Time: Every other Friday lunch in Mr. Lemieux’s room

Chess Club
This Club will be a place where students can expand their knowledge of the game of chess. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, students will help each other understand this game and become better chess players.
Faculty Advisor: seeking faculty sponsorship
Student Leaders: Marcus Buffett and Daniel Pivonka
Meeting Time/Place: to be determined

Community Consciousness: Greening the Campus
Community conscience focuses on keeping our school environmentally friendly and clean. We also will improve campus facilities based on student needs.
Advisor: seeking faculty sponsorship
Student Leader: Sarah Gregory
Meeting Time/Place: TBA

Film Club: Making Movies
In our club, you will learn the process of making a short film. Each and every one of you will get the opportunity to experience roles such as cameraman, editor, producer, screenwriter, best boy grip, etc. After completely writing, filming, and editing our short film, we will submit the film into the Sarasota Film Festival.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Goss
Student Leaders: Ben Edelman, Nick Pearce
Meeting Time/Place: to be determined

GSA: Gay/Straight Alliance
The GSA is a student-run organization working towards fighting homophobia and transphobia in schools. This club will actively pursue equality in our schools system and discuss topics and issues in contemporary society.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Fafalios & Ms. Zitani
Student Leader: Colby Elliott
Meeting Time/Place: to be determined

Invisible Children
Invisible Children is a global service club dedicated to ending the conflict in Uganda and neighboring countries. The group works to provide funding to help Ugandans rebuild infrastructure to provide educational opportunities for young people. More broadly, the group is interested in supporting and developing creative social activism in many contexts.
Advisor: Ms. Giraud
Student Leader: Morgan Woods
Meeting Time/Place: Tuesday & Thursday lunch in Mr. Sommers’ Classroom

iPhone Development and App Creation
Join our ODA tech superstars in navigating the world of apps and mastering the nuances of the iPhone. Students interested in programming and technology are invited to join.
Advisor: Ms. Barrett
Student Leader: Janum Trivedi
Meeting Time/Place: to be determined

Key Club
Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization whose goal is to teach leadership through helping. Caring, character building, inclusiveness, and leadership are the core values of the organization.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Miller
Student Leader: Lauren Redington (10)
Meeting Place and Time: Alternating Wednesdays in Band room

National Honor Society (NHS)
Honor Society recognizes the achievements of student scholars in the community and works to promote excellence in academics and service. Membership is by invitation only.
Advisor: details needed
Student Leaders:
Meeting Time/Place:

Politics and Current Events
Join current events enthusiasts as they debate and discuss the news of the day.
Advisor: to be determined
Student Leader: Janum Trivedi
Meeting Time and Place: to be determined

Senior Video
Each year a small group of students is responsible for creating the end-of-the-year retrospective film to commemorate seniors’ last year. This film is student-produced with the support and expertise of Ms. Barrett who helps with technical aspects and editing of the final piece.
Advisor: Ms. Barrett
Student Leader: RJ Jansen and Josh
Meeting Time and Place: to be determined

Science Club: All the Explosions, None of the Write Ups
Join science enthusiasts as they conduct experiments without the burden of presenting lab results. Just you and your explosions.
Advisor: Ms. Beeman
Student Leader: Johnny Delgado
Meeting Time and Place: in Ms. Beeman’s room. Time to be determined.

Student Admission Team (formerly SALT)
There is a completely new program being put into effect, with three main branches. There will be tour guides, shadow visitor hosts, and community outreach students (you can do multiple, as well.) The applications will be open September 6th, and closed the 16th, if you were in SALT, you MUST reapply for consideration in the new program.
Advisor: Michael Salmon
Student Leaders: Josh Simon, Cammy Harris
Meeting Time/Place: TBA

SWAT (Students Willing to Assist with Technology)
The mission of this group is to provide technical support for the ODA community. The group will share solutions with each other and work to become a resource to further the use and understanding of technology in education. Communications will occur on portal, on group wiki, and through occasional workshops to share solutions and ideas.
Advisor: Camela Giraud
Student Leader: Johnny Delgado
Meeting Time/Place: TBA

Taylor’s Trees
This club works to support and enhance the work of the Taylor Emmons Foundation. The foundation was created to honor the memory of ODA alumnus Taylor Emmons. Each holiday season, Taylor’s trees imports and sells freshly cut Christmas trees and wreaths. The profits fund ODA scholarships. This group will continue to support that effort and explore methods of fund-raising more broadly.
Advisor: Mr. Chapman
Student Leader: Sam Emmons
Meeting Time and Place: to be determined

Tri M
Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international music honor society for middle/junior high and high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.
Advisor: Mr. Miller
Student Leader:
Meeting Time and Place: to be determined