Sporting a Life


2012 Relay for Life

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Editor

In years past, the Out-of-Door Academy’s Relay for Life has been recognized for its incredible devotion and fundraising for the American Cancer Society. In 2011, ODA received the ACS Top Youth Award for raising $75,000. As always, the goal is to raise money to save lives and lessen the pain of those who are battling cancer. It is a horrible disease that effects everyone of us; whether we know a family member or a friend struggling, it needs to be dealt with. And this is just what ODA is striving for.

This year the Relay for Life teams are named after favorite sports teams. Teams range from ODA Thunder to Team USA to any professional or minor league team in existence.

On Friday, April 19th, Relay for Life at ODA will commence. Each of the twenty-five teams will have a designated spot on the football field where they will be selling appropriate items. Thus far, it has been confirmed that there is going to be a velcro wall, teachers being pie’d in the face, an iPad mini auction, two box tickets to a Buccaneers game auction, bobbing for apples, chair massages, hugs (courtesy of the Nashville Predators), a photo booth, and more. As of now, our school has raised a total of $54,274.48 and this number will only increase by the end of the night. So come out to the Upper School Campus; this is an event you do not want to miss.

Top Teams before the big night:

1. New York Yankees- $5,346

2. Buccaneers- $5,118

3. ODA Thunder- $4,553.43

Top participants before the big night:

1. Jordan Brown- $2,705

2. Debra (Tyler) Beck- $2,550

3. Cassandra Ratzlaff- $2,475

For posted and updated results from Relay, visit See you at Thunder Stadium.