ODA Teacher Trivia…Test Your Knowledge!

The Out-of-Door Academy

The Out-of-Door Academy

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Editor

Do you think you know your ODA faculty members and teachers? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge. Comment below if you think you know the answers, then come back next week to find out if you got any of them right!

1. What ODA faculty member has been here the longest?

2. Who was a ballerina?

3. What ODA faculty member took HIS wife’s last name?

4. Name at least two teachers who were in the Peace Corps.

5. What ODA substitute teacher was a diplomat?

6. Who met their wife while teaching in Nepal?

7. What ODA teacher started a K-9th grade school in the Caribbean?

8. What ODA teacher has completed three marathons?

9. What ODA teacher died twice before coming back to life?

10. What ODA teacher is going back to school to receive their master’s degree?


Possible answers:

Mrs. Blowe

Mr. Singer

Ms. Dobosz

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Gaffney

Mrs. Barrett

Mr. Lemieux

Mr. Dougherty

Mr. Naylor

Mr. Segars

Mr. Runge

Mr. Sommers

Mrs. Segars