Get Sat for PSAT

Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer

Fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like very long, but at 7:45 in the morning, its really is. Don’t even bother getting dressed tomorrow. It’s pajama day! Just head to school however you turn out. Be in the gym by 7:45 by the latest, and bring a calculator and two number two pencils.

Once set up and ready in the gym, you will begin the test.  The PSAT test can only benefit you, so don’t stress too much. At a minimum, it will prepare you for the SAT, and at the maximum, you could become a candidate for National Merit Scholarship.

Sometime during F period, the PSAT will be over, and you will return to class, and finish your schedule. At 3:00, you can go to sleep, and make up for the time lost.

Here are some tips to survive:

1. Bring a jacket, or you will freeze.

2. Don’t sit by someone who is sick; they will be sniffling the whole time.

3. Eat breakfast.The PSAT is three and a half hours, and food is important to think.