Fill Your Cup With Thunder


Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer

You may have been hearing about Thundercup points, and still have no idea what they are. Thundercup points are points awarded to each class to mark school spirit.

“Originally they were put in place as a way to raise school spirit and class unity,” says Director of Fun, Tim Brewer. Thunderpoints are tallied after school spirit events and kept on record throughout the year.

Did you know that this year the class who wins the most Thundercup points will win a trip to Adventure Island?

Next week, students will have the opportunity to earn Thundercup points for their class by dressing up for theme days. Ms. Brewer and Mr. Newhams will be judging outfits at lunch. Don’t worry, they won’t judge your personality, just your clothes. So if you’re going to be dressed up for theme days next week, DON’T FORGET TO GET JUDGED!

You can check the bulletin board in the Commons to see how your grade is doing. Good luck and DRESS UP!