Out-of-Door Academy Uihlein Campus Goes Solar This August


Image by Camela Giraud, Director of Collaborative Learning and Educational Outreach

Samantha Malcolm, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Let the sun’s rays shine in!

As ODA’s faculty and staff arrived at the Uihlein Campus to prepare for the school’s reopening in September, they may have noticed new solar panels adorning buildings of the Middle and Upper Schools. Over 700 panels are being installed atop the Fox Field House, the Arts Center, and the new Middle School facility.

This transformation marks another of ODA’s efforts in sustainability and its continued dedication to reducing the school community’s ecological footprint. In August of 2017, the Lower School’s Siesta Key Campus boasted the installment of 730 solar panels, and recently the campus proudly announced that it was entirely powered by solar energy (Brugmann, ODA Celebrates New Facilities). Current installations at the Uihlein Campus demonstrate Out-of-Door’s next step in its use of renewable energies, as well as the school administration’s aims to encourage students to adopt eco-friendly habits.

For more information on the new, state-of-the-art, solar-powered Middle School building, check out SRQ Magazine’s article featuring our exciting new additions, “Out-of-Door Academy Announces New Middle School.”

Keep watch for more updates on how ODA is powering the future!

Source: Brugmann, Anna. “ODA Celebrates New Facilities.” The Out-of-Door Academy, 18 Aug. 2017, www.oda.edu/news-detail?pk=1116291.