Don’t Panic at the Printer!


Peyton Wells

Aaliyaa Genat panicking at the printer

Peyton Wells, Staff Writer

In the Writing Lab in STEM Center, we all know about Mr. Printer. For those who forgot to print out their homework assignments the night before or when a teacher has to print something out for her class, some may go to Mr. Printer for help. He may or may not give it. If you’re in a panic, you will not be able to use Mr. Printer. He doesn’t like your vibe. If you are panicking, he will do just the same.

Mr. Printer knows everything.

So, if you do wish to print out your assignment that is due in five minutes, or print something out for your class, be calm and don’t panic so Mr. Printer won’t either! And make sure there is enough paper in Mr. Printer’s bin because he may be hungry and will not print your paper.

Please, keep Mr. Printer fed and calm. Only then will he print your paper due in five minutes.