Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat

Grace Dunn, Staff Writer

“I’m just staying in Florida over spring break. I’m still super excited though because I get to hang out with my friends and go to an Ariana Grande concert.” says freshman Natasha Rittenhouse.

“I’m going to sleep, go to the beach, do some homework, and I have a volleyball tournament.” says sophomore Mackenzie Condrack.

“I’m going to Missouri to be a bridesmaid in a wedding.” says sophomore Elise Raimon.

“I’m going to Miami, and that’s about it. I’ll probably go fishing a lot too.” says junior Taber Chadwick.

“I’m sleeping until about noon everyday, waking up, grub, play some baseball, grub again, and then sleep.” says junior Hunter Bogumil.

“This spring break i’m jetting off to Ireland. I am definitely looking forward to it!” says freshmen Josh Cohen.

“This spring break I’m going to be playing a lot of tennis, and hanging out with my friends whenever I have a chance!” says freshman Sydney Sforzo.

My family is coming to visit me from Columbia. Also, I’m going to meet my nephew who is one year old.” says Senora Viana.

“I have to play two baseball games over break. Other than that, I plan to spend time with my girlfriend.” says senior Owen Ragsdale.
“Over spring break, I will be hanging out with my friends in Florida. Also, I will be spending time at the beach and sleeping.” says senior Kolbie Ward.