Students Fight to Unite

Valentina Alvarez

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January 18, 2017
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March 7, 2017

With Spring Break just around the corner, excitement is growing. Seniors are almost out of school, Prom is coming up, and the most important day of the year Spirit Day. Spirit Day and Spring Break are times of year the entire Out-of-Door community looks forward to.

“I’m looking forward to being able to sleep in and not set an alarm. I get the whole day to myself to have fun and not feel obligated to work in school. I’m excited to compete against my friends on spirit day and do the obstacle course at the end. Once it ends I’m going straight home to sleep,” says member of the Senior class, Kolbie Ward.

Spirit Day is probably every student’s favorite day because it is the last day before Spring Break, and it is spent outside playing games and running through obstacle courses. For competition, the student body is divided by grade, by color, and by group.

Once the students are divided into grade levels, they are then split into two teams: the Blue team and the White team. These color groups are further separated into four different subgroups: Blue A & Blue B; White A & White B.

“You already know Blue team’s gonna win. The white team isn’t ready for us. We got it in the bag. We got it all: speed, strength, AND brains. The White team thinks they are stacked, but Blue team is gonna bring the Thunder. Just wait on it,” preaches Junior, Sereena Feeney.

In the competition Blue A plays against White A and Blue B plays against White B. The teachers stand at each game and chaperone to make sure all games are played fairly.

Each game brings out the competitive side in every player. Some examples of the games are Capture the Flag, Fireball, and the Ice Block Race, where students have to run down to a cone and back with a giant melting ice block in their hands. Musical Dots, Hockey with broom sticks and the Obstacle Course where you carry a golf ball on a paddle without dropping the ball are just a few of the many events available throughout the day.

“Waiting for Spirit Day gets me too excited. I like to be able to play games with my friends all day. My favorite game is Musical Dots because it’s the most competitive game out there. My friends and I get very into the game, and it gets intense sometimes. I feel bad for whoever I go up against because I’m super competitive,” says Junior, Josh Raimon.

At the end of Spirit Day, the eighth grade class and the senior class go head-to-head in the big Obstacle Course. This event is the grand finale for the day. Depending on what end you stand on, you start by running through six individual tires. The rest is PVC piping and relay. 

Spirit Day is a great way to end the third quarter of the year because the stress of classes is gone. Spring Break starts when Spirit Day ends and the home stretch to Summer begins when classes start up again.

Although our school may be a little disconnected because we have two campuses, Spirit Day never fails to bring us together.

Who would’ve thought, a simple obstacle course would bring our community closer together, just as we’re dreaming of summer.