Seniors Retreat into the Wilderness

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

Mr. Brewer
It’s an ordinary hot Thursday afternoon for underclassmen, but for Seniors, it was a day for coming together and bonding as a grade.

Lacey Eaden brought a speaker to play old songs. At a red light, Tess Siciliano sang “Fergalicious,” at the top of her lungs. Mrs. Betz has spun around in her seat at the front of the bus and is holding up her cell phone, filming.

The moment reminded many of us of heading up to Leadership Camp as eighth graders five years previous. There was almost no difference in the trip despite the theoretical maturing of the bus riders.

The Senior Retreat is held every year at Day Springs Episcopal Conference Center in November. The purpose of the Senior Retreat is to bring the grade together and develop leadership in our last year together at ODA before we head to college.

Senior Retreat was a great time for the whole senior class to bond with games and trust exercises. The centerpiece of Day two: a trust building ropes courses, bringing the grade closer.

The night began with all of us picking our rooms. For girls, this meant walking calmly and knowing we would be with our friends, but the boys had a completely different idea. Every single boy sprinted to their room to assure they got the best room with their closest friends.

“Senior Retreat was fun getting together with the whole grade. I got to hangout with people that I wouldn’t usually hang out with while I was there,” said Senior Savannah Alario.dsc_0396

“All of the activities we did Thursday night were fun. The activities helped us bond as a grade. The rope courses on Friday were a little hard but enjoyable at the same time,” said Senior Carling Landeche.

Throughout the evening seniors played games: spilling secrets, guessing which teacher did what, memorizing the dots, and trying to build the highest tower out of marshmallows and popsicle sticks.

For our grade, these games meant lots of competition. Christian McCarthy was coming over to other teams attempting to cheat. Anthony Varga was screaming at the top of his lungs.   We played two games pitting advisories against each other. Ms. Frye’s Mr. Brewer
advisory ended up being undefeated.

The evening ended with lots of s’mores by the bonfire. Beforedsc_0641 bed, the grade participated in Manhunt, a game where half the players hide, and the other half find the people hiding. You are safe once you reach the base without getting tagged.

Seniors ended up with lots of bug bites. Then at 11 we all went to bed to rest up for the next day. Everyone except those trying to film a mannequin challenge, that is.  

The second-day students participated in ropes courses. These courses included jumping from a high pole to reach another pole and climbing a ladder and helping your friend.dsc_0649

“It was a lot more fun than I thought. Spending time as a grade was fun,” said senior Lacey Eaden.

“I think Thursday night was the best. I went thinking the ropes course would be the best part, but the games ended up being way more fun. The rope courses were harder than I expected,” said Senior Hailey Schlotthauer.


“I thought it was fun, but I wouldn’t do it again,” said Senior Nick DiMare.